Works for Viola

The Story of Crisco (2013) for Bassoon/Singer and Viola8.5 min.

Text adapted from “The Story of Crisco” (1913) a cookbook by Marion Harris Neil

  • Cheerily
  • Cabaret Crooner
  • Peppy and Fervent
  • Tango

Gina Cuffari, bassoon/voice, and Sarah Evins, viola

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Reflections on Euler (2009) for String Quartet12.5 min.

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Recording: Recorded by QX at the College of the Holy Cross.

Jean’s Song (2009) for Baritone and String Quartet4 min.

Performed by Karl Hinze (voice), Sarah Cicchetti (violin), Kelly Garvey (violin), Harun Rafi (viola), and Julia Hamilton (cello)