Works for Mezzo-Soprano

Plague Victims Catapulted over Walls into Besieged City (2011) for Soprano, Flute, and Piano5 min.

Texts by Thomas Lux from “The Street of Clocks” (2001)

Performed by Raquel Gonzalez (soprano), Daniel James (flute), and Ariel Jacobs (piano)

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The Reason Why The Closet-Man Is Never Sad (2010) for Mezzo-Soprano, Vibraphone, Bassoon, and Double Bass10 min.

Text by Russell Edson

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My Grandmother’s Love Letters (2010) for Voice and Piano4 min.

Text by Hart Crane

Performed by Wonjung Kim, soprano

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Eliza: Lust (2009) for Mezzo-Soprano and Piano2 min.

Text by Sean Stewart

Performed by Elizabeth Keusch, soprano

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