Below is my complete catalogue of compositions; click the title of any work for more information.

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Big Picture (2019) a Full-Length Musical
Baseball Season Again (2017) for Voice, Guitar, Bass, Piano, and Drums
Miss Metcalfe Goes to College (2016) a 10-Minute Musical
Exposed Bone (2016) a Play with Songs
Every Year (2016) for Voice, Guitar, Bass, Piano, and Drums
One Day Closer (2016) a Christmas Song
I’ll Make It (2016) a Christmas Song
Songs from Miss Congeniality (2016) for Voice and Piano
210 Amlent Avenue (2015) a Full-Length Musical
Cooking for Two (2014) a 10-Minute Musical
Death of a Salesman (2014) for Voice and Piano
She’s Gone (2014) for Voice and Piano
We’re Going To Be Late (2014) for Voice and Piano
A Place You Could Call Home (2014) for Voice and Piano
Pick Your Feet Up (2014) for Voice and Piano
The Notebook Song (2014) for Voice and Piano
Stand Up (2013) for Voice and Piano
Hamlet (2013) Songs and Incidental Music
Young Composer’s Lament (2013) for Voice and Piano
She Stays (2013) for Voice and Piano
Come One, Come All (2013) for Voice and Piano
Three Songs (2013) for Soprano, Flute, Cello, and Piano
Are They Edible? (2013) an Experimental Puppet Show by Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew
Convergent (2013) for Alto Sax, Flute, and Piano
Nimbus (2013) for Piano
The Story of Crisco (2013) for Bassoon/Singer and Viola
Fantasy/Lullaby (2013) for SATB Chorus and Piano
Dramaturgical Voices (2012) Theme Music
Spring Awakening (2012) Incidental Music for Wind Quintet
Perfect Union (2012) a 10-Minute Musical
Shackled Spirits (2012) Two Songs for an Experimental Dance-Drama
Theme and Variations (2012) for Bassoon
Night; Glory; Light (2012) for Baritone, Violin, Cello, and Piano
Machinal (2011) for Actor and Electronics
Happy F*ing Birthday (2011) for Voice and Piano
The Facebook Song (2011) for Voice and Piano
Filibuster: The Musical! (2011) a 10-Minute Musical
In Recovery: American Style (2011) a 10-Minute Musical
Once and Again (2011) for Two Oboes, English Horn, and Bassoon
Brain Candy (2011) for Pierrot Sextet
Interlude (2011) for Basset Horn and Piano
I Shall Not Care (2011) for SATB Chorus
Endless Thanks (2011) for SATB Chorus
Plague Victims Catapulted over Walls into Besieged City (2011) for Soprano, Flute, and Piano
Chemical Plant (2010) for Voice and Piano
A Man’s A Man (2010) for Voices and Piano
The Reason Why The Closet-Man Is Never Sad (2010) for Mezzo-Soprano, Vibraphone, Bassoon, and Double Bass
My Grandmother’s Love Letters (2010) for Voice and Piano
Songs for the End of Things (2010) a Song Cycle
Alcestis (2009) a One-Act Musical
Reflections on Euler (2009) for String Quartet
Cycle (2009) for Cello
The Amazing Ricardo (2009) for Voice and Piano
Eliza: Lust (2009) for Mezzo-Soprano and Piano
Jean’s Song (2009) for Baritone and String Quartet
Why It Doesn’t Rain (2008) for Voice and Fixed Media
What Am I Good For? (2008) for Voice and Fixed Media
Yerma (2008) Three Songs for Voices, Guitar, and Piano
A Name To Be Sung For All Time (2007) a One-Act Musical
I Will Bring You Here (2007) a One-Act Musical
Funeral (2006) a 20-Minute Musical